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Yacht & Small Craft Surveying

We prepare customized vessel appraisals detailing condition and value in the purchase/sale of yachts and small craft.  We also assist vessel owners and insurance providers in obtaining a vessel’s accurate value and provide a "to-do" list to make the vessel insurable.  We conduct a thorough and extensive inspection of not only the hulls of such vessels but also their rigging, machinery, electrical, gas, and accommodation systems.  

General surveys include...

Captain Tom "TommyO" Ottenwaelder graduated from the US Coast Guard's Marine Inspection Course, the Chapman’s School of Seamanship’s Yacht & Small Craft Surveying course and is a certified ABYC Standards member.  Captain TommyO is also a member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® as a Surveyor Associate.  

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Boating Education

We provide on-water training to boat owners from licensed captains certified to teach the National Safe Boating Council’s (NSBC) approved on-water practical boat handling course.  This course is taught on the customer’s boat, so they learn on their equipment, and covers four sessions.  The primary areas are Introduction to safe power boating; precision docking and close-quarters maneuvering; open-water boat handling, and open-water advanced maneuvers (i.e. handling emergencies, anchoring & beaching).  Here is a link to this course information from NSBC.

We also provide consultation and advice to boat owners on properly outfitting, maintaining, and safely using their boats and equipment.  

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Maritime Consultation

We offer general consultations to private vessel buyers and owners about vessels and boating in general. This will provide the buyer or broker with insight into the condition of the vessel and requirements for proper care and maintenance.  

We also provide legal reviews and case studies for specific areas of expertise; arbitration services to help resolve disputes without involvement in the court system; and expert witness testimony for litigated maritime cases.

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Professional Accreditation Organizations that we are registered with

Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors