Yacht & Small Craft Surveying

We prepare customized vessel appraisals detailing condition and value in the purchase/sale of yachts and small craft.  We also assist vessel owners and insurance providers in obtaining a vessel’s accurate value and provide a "to-do" list to make the vessel insurable.  We conduct a thorough and extensive inspection of not only the hulls of such vessels but also their rigging, machinery, electrical, gas, and accommodation systems.  

General surveys include...

Pre-Purchase Surveys

Pre-Purchase surveys are normally ordered by a potential buyer that wants to ensure a vessel is sound and ready for service.  This is the most detailed of all the surveys as it provides a comprehensive list of vessel information, equipment and evaluation of systems for industry standards and regulations.  These surveys normally include out of water hull inspection, sea trial, electrical and mechanical equipment inspection, fuels system evaluation, navigation equipment, cosmetic appearance, overall maintenance and limited propulsion checks.  

Key benefits include...

This is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel as the best way to protect your purchase and  ensure your vessel is ready to cast off!

Insurance Surveys

This inspection is performed so that insurance companies know the condition and value of a vessel before writing or updating an insurance policy.  It generally focuses on structural integrity and safety of the vessel for its intended use, and the condition of high value items kept on board.  Insurance companies often require updated surveys on vessels when purchased and every five years afterwards, depending on the service and age of the vessel.   

Key benefits include...

This helps determine if the vessel is an "acceptable risk"  

Appraisal Inspections

This inspection is performed to gather enough information to justify or determine the fair market value of the vessel.  This is normally needed for financing, estate settlements, donations and legal cases.  

Key benefits include...

Virtual Survey or "Walk-Throughs" 

A "Walk Through" survey is a popular option for remote buyers that simply want to confirm the vessel is as advertised before committing to the buying process. It can include on virtual tours narrated on video, photos of specific items and short reports.  

Key benefits include...

Damage Assessments

A damage inspection is an investigation to assess the scope of damage, recommended repairs, and estimated repair costs.  Insurance companies can also request a root cause analysis, or the probable cause, or damage.  

Key benefits include...

Commercial Vessel & Tank Surveys

These surveys of commercial vessels can help business owners follow published USCG Regulations for passenger vessels, towing vessels and cargo tanks.  

Prices & Fees

Marine Survey prices and fees can vary based on vessel make, model and year; complexity of the systems and the required survey report data.  Here are some estimated fees for planning purposes...